Resources on Mental Illness for Faith Community Leaders

Sponsored By The Interfaith Network On Mental Illness

Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Response Video Series

for clergy, pastors, ministers, rabbis and other faith community leaders


Joanne Kelly, Video 1: Suicide Prevention/Intervention/Response Series - Suicide Warning Signs and Risk Factors

Video 1: Warning Signs and Risk  Factors for Suicide

In this video, we discuss the warning signs and risk factors for suicide that you, as a member of the clergy, may notice in congregants who come to you for counseling.

Download a flyer that summarizes the suicide warning signs and risk factors mentioned in this video.

Video length: 8 minutes



Mary Kay Irving, Video 2: Suicide Prevention/Intervention/Response Series - How to Tell if a Person Is Considering Suicide

Video 2: How to Tell if a Person is Considering Suicide

In this video, we talk about how you ask someone if they are having thoughts of suicide.

Video length: 8 minutes




Mary Kay Irving, Video 3: Suicide Prevention/Intervention/Response Series - Responding to a Suicidal Person

Video 3: Responding to a Suicidal Person

In this video, we will talk about how to intervene with a  suicidal person with CARE,  steps to take when the individual needs help beyond what you alone can provide and some basic do’s and don’t’s. We will also offers tips on how to offer spiritual resources.

Video length: 11 minutes



Jason Hays, Video 4: Suicide Prevention/Intervention/Response Series - Aftermath: Responding to Family Members After a Suicide

Video 4: Aftermath: Responding to Family Members After a Suicide

In this video we will discuss the grief experience of family members of a person who has died by suicide and offers some do’s and don’t’s for reaching out to them. We’ll also talk briefly about appropriate language to use when discussing suicides.

Video length: 8 minutes



Jason Hays, Video 5: Suicide Prevention/Intervention/Response Series - Aftermath:Designing a Service for a Person Who Has Died by Suicide

Video 5: Aftermath: Designing a Service for a Person Who Has Died by Suicide  

This video offers some ideas for designing a funeral or memorial service for someone who has died by suicide. It also includes a list of do’s and don’t’s for reducing the chance of suicide contagion.

A memorial service, no matter how the person died, should be a time for healing and remembrance. It is not a time for judging.

Video length: 9 minutes


Be sure to see the videos in the Caring Clergy Project "Making Referrals" Video Series to learn how to tell if your congregants need to be referred to a mental health professional, how to find appropriate mental health professionals for your congregants and how to make a good referral.



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